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Mount Sinai Hospital
Foundation of Toronto - Donate Now campaign

Team Lunenfeld (Andrew Seto,  Michael Cook, Teresa MacLean and Stephanie Almeida), in support of the Auxiliary’s Chef’s Challenge, attended the event on November 20 in support of breast and ovarian cancer research.

The event was held to benefit research at the Lunenfeld and Mount Sinai’s Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre. In total, the Auxiliary raised $1.1 million. 

"We all went to the event and we had an amazing time," said Andrew. "The food was incredible and Gordon Ramsay was amazing as a host and entertained everyone throughout the night. We were able to raise $4,053 in the end, which is outstanding for only a few weeks of fundraising." 

"It was really awesome to be part of something that raised so much money for the hospital. We are really grateful for all the support we received from everyone at the Institute, especially Jim and Cindy," said Teresa.

Baking Success
The bake sales on the main floor were a smashing success with over $700 dollars raised from the sale of cookies, pies, cupcakes, candies and much more (lots of yummy treats!!).  We're thankful for the team members and friends who baked goodies for the event and everyone that came out and bought some baked goods or candies. 

Staff were able to select message cards and send to others in the Institute!   


Thank you to those who donated and who have helped propel us to where we are now!




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